WHMCS License

Why you should install Whmcs from GitHub’s API

GitHub’s open API provides a way for companies to access its services without having to hire an API service provider.However, Whmks internal API has been plagued by security vulnerabilities for years, and the company has recently launched a tool to fix it.To make things worse, Whms internal API also provides the ability to control what


Which are the worst companies to work for?

In a world where Google’s cloud is the main way to access the Internet, the future of corporate IT looks brighter for everyone who works for a big corporation.Here’s a list of the top companies to be considered for a new position at Google, but be warned: Google isn’t exactly your average company. A number of


How to install WHMCS in wordspress

Whmcs is a WordPress plugin that enables WordPress users to easily upgrade to new version of WordPress without having to install the whole plugin, a feature that has been offered for several years but which has been sorely lacking in many cases.WhmCS, which is free, comes with an installation guide.Whmcs also comes with a free


How to get Whispersync on Windows 10 (updated)

Whispersynth, the Microsoft cloud video conferencing software, is a must-have for any Windows 10 machine.It’s a great tool to keep your company’s productivity flowing, and with the latest version of Whispersy, it’s now open source.To celebrate Whispersys 50th birthday, we’re looking back at the best features Whispersym has ever offered, and sharing some tips on


How to install whmics alternative on Plesk

How to get the Whmcs Docker Module (docker module) and Whmics Alternative module on Plésk.It is an alternative way to access Google’s Google Cloud Platform for applications and services that use the Google Cloud APIs and the Google Web Services APIs.In this article, we will get the module installed on Plsk, which is a web


Whmcs says it’s now paying its users back

Whmics hosting service has announced it has made a “major change” in terms of its pricing and the terms of use for its users.The news comes as a new round of negative headlines over the issue has been generated, with Whmicks own parent company Whmacs hosting provider blaming a number of breaches by its users

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