Bill Gates says he’s not the owner of the Microsoft Corporation


Bill Gates, the cofounder of the computer company that makes the world’s most widely used operating system, is not the chief executive of Microsoft.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal that was published online Thursday, the 86-year-old tech mogul explained that his company has never been “owner” of the company.

Gates acknowledged that he and Microsoft employees “own” Microsoft and that “we own” each other, as well as other “competitors.”

He said that they have “always been a minority owners” of Microsoft: Microsoft in many respects is a large, very successful company, and we own it very, very closely.

We’ve been very clear in terms of ownership that we’ve been doing a great job for ourselves, we’ve had great success, and our success has been as we have grown.

And there are a lot of things I can control.

There’s an internal team we hire that we control, and the CEO of the whole thing controls what we do.

There are a tremendous amount of things that are going on.

I can’t control how a product or product line gets created.

But I have no control over the operating system or anything else that gets built into it.

And it is Microsoft who controls, as a whole, Microsoft, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

So no, I’m not the person that controls that.

We are a minority owner of Microsoft, as you know, but that doesn’t mean that I’m the person making decisions, or that I have some control over them.

You have to control everything else.

And one of the things I’m very proud of, I think, is that my company has had very good years.

My companies have been very successful.

We have really, really, had a lot going.

There have been a lot good companies there.

And in terms in the public, as much as I know, people have always had a great deal of faith in us as a company, a brand.

They trust us, they look at us, and they trust Microsoft.

And the same goes for Google.

I mean, if you’ve seen it, Google, the Internet of Things, all of this stuff, is one of my companies.

But they trust Google.

They look at Google.

And they think Google is great.

And so I’ve built a lot more trust in Google, and in Microsoft, than in Google.

I think the thing that we have to be very clear about is that Microsoft is a company that is in the cloud.

It is a very large company.

We are in the global business, so we are the leader, so they are.

I have great confidence in Microsoft to deliver great services on the Internet.

And when it comes to software, Microsoft is doing really, very well.

And I think there is a lot to be proud of there.

Because if you ask anybody, they would probably say we’ve done well in many areas.

And, obviously, we have an incredible growth.

But what we have also made possible are the incredible partnerships, and I think it’s a tremendous testament to our ability to work with others, to work together.

And you’re not talking about the Windows and Devices business.

Microsoft is about the other great things that they do, the computing and gaming.

I think we’ve actually accomplished all of these things in great collaboration with the companies we work with.

And I think the number one reason that people talk about Microsoft not being in charge of Windows, not being part of the Xbox, you know that is because we do a lot, and Microsoft can deliver software, hardware, and services, all that is awesome.

So we believe in that and I see the world in a much better place that Microsoft.

But I think that is not about a corporation.

I feel a company can become a great corporation.

And that’s exactly what is going on here.

I believe that we can be great corporate entities.

I see what’s happening with Nokia, I see Nokia getting into things, and people feel really confident in Microsoft because of the great business relationships and all of the other things we have in place, and that’s what I think is really special about Microsoft, is the great work we’ve created.

So I would not say I own Microsoft.

I would say we’re a diverse entity.

And we have tremendous diversity.

The fact that we’re here to deliver outstanding services and services.

And also, we’re proud of our work as a corporate entity.

But for me, I love the company that we are.

And for me personally, I know that when we talk about diversity, that’s when people look first at the people in the room and the things that we look for.

And the diversity that we see is

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