CDC suspends work on Georgia river bridge as southeasterly storm moves inland


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced late Sunday it would halt the construction of a Georgia river highway as the storm moved inland.

The agency called the work suspended because of the hurricane’s winds, which were expected to be between 30 and 45 mph (50 and 70 kilometers per hour).

The agency did not immediately say when the work would resume.

The agency is still trying to determine how high the storm will move the bridge, which runs from a railroad yard near the Georgia state line to a coastal town on the Chattahoochee River.

In late September, the agency suspended work on the Georgia River Bridge because of severe weather and flooding, though it’s still not clear how much damage that caused.

In this Aug. 19, 2017 photo, the Mississippi River is seen near New Orleans.

Floodwaters still are still rising along the Mississippi. 

In this Oct. 28, 2017, photo, floodwaters are seen in Galveston.

Hurricane Harvey slammed the Gulf Coast on Sept. 25, making landfall in Texas and prompting a state of emergency.

Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott on Sunday urged residents to leave the state immediately and said people should not be forced to evacuate because of flooding.

In a statement issued Sunday night, Abbott said the work of the construction and restoration of a span from the Jackson River to New Orleans was in serious jeopardy. 

“The project is in grave jeopardy.

This work is now being delayed due to the need to protect critical infrastructure like bridges, roads and power lines,” he said.

Abbott ordered the state to halt all construction on the bridge until there is more information on the threat posed by the storm.

Flooding is a concern for all Texas drivers, the governor said.

At a time when the U.K. is suffering from an acute water crisis, the U and U.N. have called for more aid to be sent to the United Kingdom in the aftermath of Harvey, which dumped more than a foot (2.5 meters) of rain and more than 5 inches (11 cm) of storm surge in the days after Harvey, with more flooding expected in England and Ireland.

The U.KS. has suffered its highest rainfall totals since recordkeeping began in 1960.

whmcs bridge sso nulled

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