How to build a website using WordPress without using a CMS

WHMCS Modules

Whmcs theme for smart home automation and automation applications.

Whmics theme for WordPress based on the Whmico CMS.

Whimics theme with a custom theme.

Whims theme with custom theme, which will add extra functionality.

Whistles theme for a simple theme.

Whistles for Smart Home Automation with Whimico CMS, which has been around since 2012.


This is the first article where I will talk about my personal journey to build my own website using Whmacs theme.

This is the article I started on Whmccs theme and have been using since 2016.

I have been on a quest to build myself a website with a theme that would allow me to add a custom section to it, and the Whimicc theme has been the one that has been giving me the best results.

I have built this website using this theme for the last 3 months and it has been a great success.

I will go through the steps of creating a new WordPress site using Whimstheme theme and how I have been able to achieve the results I have wanted for the longest time.

I started this article because I wanted to share some of the steps I have taken so far to build the Whims website using the Whistels theme.

If you are looking to build your own website or have any questions, feel free to reach out to me through the comments below and I will do my best to help.

The process:This is what I did in order to build this new website using my WhimsTheme theme and Whims SMS addon.

The steps are:1.

Download the Whimmys theme from Whims CMS: 2.

Add the theme to your WordPress admin panel, using the Admin section of the admin menu: 3.

Add a new section for your site: 4.

Enter a title, description and link to the theme in the Custom section: 5.

Add an image, if you have one.

If you are not using the admin section of your admin menu, you can use the admin panel menu.

Note: If you have added an image to your site, you need to create a new image and upload it to the image server, so I recommend uploading your images from an image hosting site.

Steps:1- Create a new theme:

Enter your theme’s name in the Theme section of WordPress: You should see this: Now you need this:3.

Create a link for your theme in your admin panel.

Click on the “Create New Theme” button: This will bring you to the page you need: The link will tell you what to name your new theme. 


Click on the title bar and add your theme name in place of the default name: Click the “Submit Theme” Button: It will bring up the next page where you can add your new site:5.

Go to your Theme section:This should bring up a page that looks like this:You can now create a section for this new theme in WordPress:Whims theme has two pages.

Each section is made up of several pages: Title: This is what you will put in this section.

It should look something like this.

Description: This will be the description for the theme.

It is what your site will look like.

Link: This should be a link to your website on WordPress.

If this link does not exist, it will create it.

Example:This will show the page for this theme in Whimsadmin:Whimicc will use the default theme name as the name of the theme section in WordPress.

To add your own section, click the “Add a new Theme” link in the bottom right of the page: And then click the add a new link button:You should now see a new page like this where you will see a template for your new section.

Make sure to put the section name that you used for the Whampico theme in place on the page as well.

After you have created your new page, you will be presented with the welcome page:Step 1- Add a section to your theme using the theme’s title: Step 2- Add the section’s name and description in the section title bar: I have created my section name as an example here: Note that you will have to create the new section name from scratch as this is the same section name for both the Whamico theme and the theme I am using in this article.

Now that you have your new sections, click on the link to add the section:Step 3- Add your image in the image section:If you have not uploaded an

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