How to Hack Whmcs API and Cart PHP Source New York Mag

WHMCS Modules

A hacker has hacked the whmCS API, a payment service for retailers, and cart PHP, an online shopping site for retailers.

In the hack, a hacker called the Dark Lord, using the online moniker “Wu-Yang,” hacked the website on Friday, according to an update from the New York Times.

The hack was posted to Pastebin, a website where people share code and exploits for online exploits.

The hack appears to have been the work of a small group of people who have used the name Wu-Yang.

The group posted a number of images to Pastebin on Friday that appear to show Wu-yang working on the hack.

The site has about 6.5 million active users, the Times said.

Wu Yang, who was identified as the hacker in the update, is also the name of a Chinese online game in which players can hack into and steal a target’s bank account and personal data, the report said.

“The Dark Lord” is the name used by the group, according the Times.

The hackers posted a message on Pastebin saying the attack was done in retaliation for China’s crackdown on social media, including social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube.

The hackers said they were not involved in the attack, according a statement posted on Pastebin.

The attack was first reported by the Wall Street Journal on Friday.

The attack was not new to WhmCS.

A few weeks ago, WhmCs API service was hacked by the same group, and the hacker later claimed credit, the paper reported.

The WhmC API service is a pay-per-use payment system that allows retailers to accept payments on their website.

The whmC cart is an online store selling products, such as clothes and shoes.

The WhmCart system is used by retailers to sell items and merchandise on the site.

The API and cart services have become increasingly popular in recent years, and WhmCSS has expanded the list of merchants it allows to accept payment.

WhmCS was founded in 2010 by Wu Yang, an independent video game developer who also worked at EA and Microsoft.

The service was originally designed to allow retailers to use PayPal and credit cards.

It became popular in 2012 with the launch of the WhmCPCart app.

The new update shows a series of emails sent to users who use the WhamC API, and shows a request for the password for the whamcs-api-server, which allows access to the API server.

It is unclear if the WhmsC API server was compromised in the hack that the Times published, or if the hack is related to another recent attack that targeted the WhmcS API.

In a blog post on Friday afternoon, the company said it was investigating the hack and is working to determine the source of the attack.

The company also said it is in contact with security experts to help identify the attackers.

The report said the hacker’s account was used to post more than 1,500 posts on Pastebin in which he said he would “blow the f— out of you.”

It is not known if Wu Yang used the same account to post the post.

In March, Wu Yang pleaded guilty to a charge of computer hacking.

He was sentenced to four years of probation and fined $50,000.

The hacking of WhmCom cart may have been retaliation for a crackdown on Chinese social media that has seen thousands of websites shut down and thousands of social media accounts shut down.

The group that hacked the WhcS API on Friday said it also planned to target other Chinese social networks such as WeChat and Weibo.

how to hack whmcs whmcs api send email whmcs cart php

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