How to recover a stolen credit card from Google, and other websites

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A Google customer has successfully recovered his or her stolen credit cards and stolen money from several websites in just three days.

The customer, who goes by the name WomensBank, wrote a blog post on the company’s forums about the process, explaining that his account had been stolen on June 5.

He was able to successfully recover his account after he phoned a customer support number.

“The phone number I provided is not active,” the blog post reads.

“We are investigating the cause of this.”

After a week of contacting customer support and receiving a response, WomansBank wrote on his blog that he had been offered a $300 refund by Google.

He told TechCrunch that he didn’t take it up.

“Google was able do it in three days and that was pretty damn impressive,” he said.

Google says it doesn’t believe that the person who took Womons’ credit card number was the person responsible for the breach, but the company says it does have the ability to track credit card fraudsters using “identity-based” data.

“While our fraud detection systems can only provide partial or incomplete information, we believe that if you are the person using your credit card, we have the capability to track the transaction,” a Google spokesperson told Tech Crunch.

“If you do not want to give us your name, please call us at 1-866-922-4261 and we will help you recover your account.”

The company’s statement also notes that it doesn’s not possible to recover stolen credit from credit cards or stolen funds without a credit card statement, which means if you haven’t received your stolen funds, you need to go to the bank and get them.

“In a situation like this, it is possible to get a refund by calling the bank or credit card company, but if you do, it must be done in writing,” the company writes.

“To obtain a refund, you should contact the bank immediately and provide them with the details of the account or funds involved.”

Womancreaks credit card details are available here.

A few days later, Woms credit card numbers were used to access several sites on the web, including Yahoo, Amazon, and Hulu.

After this incident, Wombas account was disabled on all those sites, and Womains bank account was banned on Amazon and Hulu, and the Google credit card he used was banned from Hulu and Yahoo.

The account was also suspended from Google Wallet, Google Pay, and Android Pay.

After Womascans account was restored, Womings credit card information was also accessed and used to gain access to more sites.

Google said it notified Wombats bank and credit card provider, but that Wombash’s account was not impacted.

“When a credit or debit card is compromised, we are able to verify the identity of the person or organization responsible for theft, but our ability to do this is limited due to a lack of data,” Google wrote in a statement.

Wombans credit card account was reinstated by Google on June 11.

Google has since banned all three websites, and all of them are still inaccessible to him.

“My credit card was compromised.

This is a great relief.

I’m able to access the sites I want to, but I can’t access the accounts I want,” he wrote on the Google forum.

Womais credit card has also been reinstated.

“I was able, through my Google account, to access a few sites on Yahoo, which are now back online, and also access Google Wallet and Google Pay,” he added.

Womes account has also still not been reinstalled.

“Unfortunately, I was unable to access Google Pay and Google Wallet.

These services are not supported by Google,” Womaws blog post read.

“However, I have not lost access to any of my accounts.

In addition, there is a workaround that I believe will help some people recover their accounts.”

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