Microsoft Word 7 and Word 10.1 Free and Open Source license options


I was surprised to hear about a new Microsoft Word extension for Word called Whmcs that’s now available for free and open source.

While the extension is not the most technically sophisticated, it does provide a handy way to quickly get started with Word’s advanced features like line alignment and document formatting.

If you have a Mac or PC, you can install it using this guide.

If not, you’ll want to grab a free copy.

Whmcs lets you edit documents from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

There are a number of ways to use the extension.

For example, you might want to save an edited Word document and then use Whmics text-to-speech feature to create a podcast that will play in your browser.

Or, you could use the document editing features to customize a Word document’s layout or use the preview feature to edit documents that are in progress.

Whms text- to-speech is a native Word extension that runs in the background while you’re working.

It supports voice commands like “Editing” or “Editting text,” but you can also use voice commands to navigate to specific areas of the document.

This allows you to navigate in a more natural way to the content.

Whmes voice-based features are great for learning a language and making an audio recording.

They’re particularly useful for people who are learning to speak another language, like Chinese, or for people looking for a way to edit text while they’re offline.

If the voice-over feature is enabled, the Whmys voice is always audible.

Whmuks text- and audio-to talk is a separate extension, but the Whmuks audio-talks feature is more useful for audiobooks.

You can use it to listen to audio files while you work or listen to a podcast while working.

Whmkuks audio talk is not as useful as the text-tapping features that you get in Word and Excel, but it can be a useful tool to have when you want to hear audio while you are working.

The other new feature that’s added to Whmks text to speech is the ability to quickly edit documents without having to click through to the main document.

Whms text to speak can also quickly copy text or other text, and you can paste text into other documents to edit it.

Whmmcs is currently available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

There’s a trial version available for Chrome OS that you can try for free.

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