The man who changed the face of cricket: How Ian Botham turned his life into a multimillion-dollar career


Botham’s career began with a series of brilliant performances for England at the 1975 World Cup.

In a tournament in England’s north, he became the first man to score two centuries in the World Cup and became the oldest man to do so.

He was awarded the prestigious Cricket Hall of Fame medal.

In the 1980s, he also captained England’s first team to a record-breaking World Cup victory.

Botham was also a World Cup winner for the England squad in 1984, 1987 and 1989.

But, as the book’s title suggests, his career began as a player, not a commentator.

In 1988, he joined England’s international side in New Zealand, but he left for England in the summer of 1989, a year before the tournament ended.

In 1994, Botham became the second-highest-paid commentator in world cricket history, earning more than $150 million.

The man in charge of the commentary team at the time was the late Nigel Eccles, who died in March.

Bothams was replaced by the man who was in charge at the same time, Nigel Short.

Short was a BBC sportsman, and his work as an international sportscaster helped England win a record nine successive World Cups from 1995-1999.

In 1999, both men left the BBC.

In 2010, Short resigned from the broadcaster, which is run by the BBC Trust.

He said he felt he had lost his place in the BBC hierarchy.

The following year, he said he was approached by ESPN.

At the time, ESPN had a partnership with the BBC, and ESPN’s chief operating officer said the BBC had not been contacted about the offer.ESPN told The Irish Daily Times in November that it had not heard from Short.

The same day ESPN said it had no record of any contact between Short and Short, ESPN’s former head of news, Paul Hinchliffe, resigned.

He also said ESPN had not reached out to Short about his job at the BBC about the new job.

ESPN said he had not asked for any job and had not sought any job.

Short’s successor as ESPN chief executive, Mark Thompson, said on Thursday that he was leaving ESPN to join The BBC.

The BBC said he would leave after five years.ESPN declined to comment.

Botham’s last day on the BBC broadcast team, for which he had been the chief commentator since 2003, was on Wednesday.

He had not announced his departure, but his successor had, in a statement, thanked him for his service to the BBC and its audiences.

“I am very proud to have worked alongside Nigel Short,” Thompson said.

“He was a terrific commentator and a fantastic broadcaster.

I have lost my place at the top of the BBC’s news operation and I look forward to working with a team of excellent and experienced commentators who are determined to bring viewers a high-quality sport and a high level of entertainment to their homes.”

Botham retired from commentary in 2018 and is now a television analyst, with an annual salary of £1 million.

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