‘WhatsApp for computers’: Apple says goodbye to its social network

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Apple is ending its relationship with its popular messaging service Whatsapp, but it won’t stop its growing efforts to improve the way it delivers services, including an update to its webOS mobile operating system.

In a blog post, Apple said it will soon be ending its partnership with the messaging app and its other apps, including its popular webOS web browser, in an effort to “improve its customer experience and deliver faster, more secure and more seamless user experiences”.

The move comes as Whatsapp has seen rapid growth in recent years, particularly on smartphones and tablets.

Apple said the new updates will “enhance security and ease of use for users”.

However, it will continue to offer Whatsapp on iOS and OS X, which is still available for the Apple Watch and Apple TV.

In January, Apple introduced a new webOS browser that it said would provide a “better user experience” and a more stable browser that would “enhancethe security and stability of Whatsapp”.

The update also included a new “web” app, called WhatsApp, which allowed users to send and receive SMS, and post messages to their friends.

It is not clear what other changes will be made to Whatsapp’s web browser or other applications, including the way users can search for information and search for apps on the internet.

Whatsapp’s popularity has risen as its users have migrated to other messaging apps such as Kik, WeChat and Line.

The new web-based Whatsapp will continue as a “virtual private network”, where users will be able to communicate with each other without having to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

Users will still be able send and received messages by sending messages to a registered email address, which can then be read by the web browser.

However, the new update will allow users to search for and reply to messages on the web using the new “Web app”.

Users will be required to create a “verified account” on the Whatsapp website to use the new web app, and users will also be able “see all messages and other information” sent to their registered email addresses on the website.

However, a company blog post on Tuesday said users will no longer be able connect to Whatsap from a browser, because the new version will be “based on an open platform”.

“We are working hard to provide an improved web experience and provide better security for all users,” the post said.

Whispersync, the messaging service Apple bought last year, has been accused of being a surveillance tool by critics and human rights groups.

It also faced criticism from Apple over the way its privacy policy was written.

Whilst the new Whatsapp update does not directly impact users, the change could mean the end of the service in a future update.

Apple previously said it would “no longer support Whatsapp or any of its related apps in the near future”.

Apple said it had already begun work on a “whatsapp for everyone” that would bring the company’s apps to “everyone’s devices”.

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