When Paypal won’t let you use your phone as a USB dongle

WHMCS Modules

Whmcs has been hacked in India and the company has set up a Paypal account to let you make a donation.

The company claims the hack is due to “poor customer service”.

Whmcks owner, Anand Kumar, says the attack is likely due to a “poor service by Paypal”.

Kumar told The Wire that the attack has been “triggered by a bad customer service” and “paid for by the customers”.

Kumar claims he has paid for a replacement phone, but it has yet to arrive.

The hack follows Whmck’s payment systems in the US, Canada and Germany.

Kumar says Whmms payment system “has been compromised”.

Whms payment systems “have been compromised” in India The hackers claim to have broken into Whmks payment system in the USA and Canada, and have accessed the company’s systems in Germany and the UK.

Whmacks payment system has been compromised “We have a system in place, but the customer service in those countries has been absolutely abysmal,” Kumar told the Times of India.

Kumar told a security conference in the UK on Wednesday that he had paid £50 to buy the phone, which he claims is a “reproduction device”.

Kumar says he has been able to get access to Whmccs security system “by exploiting an in-house vulnerability in Whmscs payment systems” which has been fixed.

“We had a good chat with the Paypal representatives.

They were kind enough to let us access their systems and we have fixed that,” he said.

Whms CEO Anand V. Kumar was able to hack into Whms system, where he is currently making payments to support his family source The Wire article Kumar says the company is “working to secure its systems and restore full operation”.

Kumar’s team of about five has also been “working with the UK authorities”.

The company says it has also made a payment of £10 to a charity, to help the family of a woman who was killed in an accident in January.

The Whmbs website says Kumar is “currently on holiday” in the country and has no plans to travel to India.

“In the meantime, our payment system is fully secure,” Kumar said.

Kumar’s phone is a reproduction device The Whms website says “Whms Payphone is a personalised phone for your family and friends, providing them with a unique voice-activated assistant, personalized SMS text messaging and online shopping”.

Kumar said his family is “supporting the local families of those affected by the attack”.

Whs phone is being sent to the family to support their needs source The Guardian article Kumar said he has not received the phone back.

Kumar has told The Guardian he has made a donation of £100 to Whms, but “there is no way of paying back the money because I don’t have the funds.”

Kumar told Business Insider he did not want to comment on the hacking claims because he is “still working to secure our systems and secure our payment systems”.

Kumar declined to answer questions about the phone’s status, or whether Whmems payment system had been breached.

“I have no further comment to make on the hack,” he wrote in an email.

Kumar is also a partner at tech start-up Yatra.

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