When your phone changes to whmics new theme


WHMCS, the whmbs mobile commerce platform, has announced a new theme for Android and iOS devices.

The new theme is called Whmcs Direct debit and it includes a new payment app and a new shopping experience.

“This is an exciting and timely redesign for WHMcs mobile commerce app,” said Bill Whmacs, vice president of marketing at WHMCs parent company Whmics, in a blog post.

“Whmics Direct debit is a new way to buy with your phone and lets you pay for your purchases directly with the payment app.

It also allows you to easily transfer money from one account to another.

This is a powerful new way for people to get things done with their phones, no matter where they are.”

Whmcs, which launched earlier this year, lets you make purchases with your smart phone by tapping on the “WhatsApp” app on your phone.

You can also pay with your credit card, which is available in a variety of currencies and payment methods.

Whmacs said that its new payment experience for Whmbs app will also allow users to easily make payments with their smartphone by swiping it up from the bottom of the screen and tapping the QR code, or a barcode, at the top of the payment screen.

Whmems app has been available for more than a year and has been downloaded more than 50 million times.

“It is a refreshing change to the Whmicks platform, which was built with consumers in mind,” Whmys CEO Bill Whims told The Washington Post.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to deliver a new experience for users.”

Whims said that WHMICS direct debit is currently available in the U.S. and in Canada.

Users can sign up for WHMs direct debit here.

Whims is launching a new mobile shopping experience that is available on Android and iPhone in the coming days.

The app, which will be available in beta stages in the next few weeks, allows users to shop at participating stores.

The app will be free to download for new and existing users, but Whims will charge $1.99 per month for the full app.

The company says that it is working to roll out the new shopping experiences on other platforms as well.

In January, Whims announced that it was expanding its business in mobile commerce.

It said it had more than 5 million merchants, more than 80% of which are based in the United States, which makes it the largest mobile commerce company.

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