Which are the worst companies to work for?


In a world where Google’s cloud is the main way to access the Internet, the future of corporate IT looks brighter for everyone who works for a big corporation.

Here’s a list of the top companies to be considered for a new position at Google, but be warned: Google isn’t exactly your average company. 

A number of companies that have moved up the corporate ladder over the last few years have received a major overhaul in recent years, and while it might seem like there are a few companies left that remain stuck in the past, the company’s recent moves have led to some of the most notable departures from the past.

The most notable of these is Google’s new Chief Financial Officer, Eric Schmidt, who was recently fired from the company he founded in 2005.

Schmidt has been the company president since 2012 and previously led its business unit.

The company has also brought on a number of new leaders to its ranks, including Kevin Turner as Chief Operating Officer and Matt Cutts as CFO.

Schmidt’s departure has led to speculation that Google will start hiring new CFOs as it moves into a new cloud-centric era.

However, the search giant isn’t ready to publicly announce that it is looking for new talent at the moment, and the company is still deciding whether or not it will be hiring new chief financial officers. 

Google has also announced the addition of new VP of Product and Chief Marketing Officer, Ben Thompson, and has also added an executive vice president for marketing. 

“We are focused on the future, and in particular, our long-term strategic goals,” Schmidt said in a blog post.

“We are making bold bets on this future, which are now clear and compelling.” 

The other notable move by Google this year has been to replace its VP of Search, which is the same position that former VP of Engineering, John Mueller, was in before his ouster last year.

Schmidt and his top team also are making the leap to the cloud, as Google has also hired an executive VP for search, Brian Krebs, who is responsible for the company search algorithm. 

Schmidt said he was “disappointed” with Mueller’s departure, which was announced on Tuesday. 

It has also been announced that the search engine is in talks with AOL to create an online video platform that would be powered by Google’s own video platform.

Schmidt said the company was “proud to have a relationship with AOL” and added that he “looks forward to building a strategic relationship” with the company.

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