Which states will have the highest rates of cancer?

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By now, you know that cancer deaths are soaring in the United States, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, a federal health care law that aims to help millions of Americans gain health insurance coverage.

But some people are getting a bad deal.

According to the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 2 million people have cancer in the U.S., an increase of more than 40 percent from a decade ago.

In many states, those numbers are worse.

In Washington state, for example, the rate of new cases of cancer was 5,569 per 100,000 people in 2016.

But that number increased to 8,056 per 100.000 people last year.

That number rose to 9,091 per 100 million in 2017.

The state is a hotbed of cancer, with about 1,800 new cases each day.

But the state’s rate of cancer deaths was 7.4 per 100 of a million people in 2015, down from nearly 9.6 in 2000, according to the Centers on Disease Control.

The numbers in Washington are also a bit misleading.

For example, a recent analysis by the National Cancer Institute found that while Washington had the highest cancer death rate in the nation, it had the lowest rate of people dying of cancer.

While the state had the eighth-highest death rate per 100 person in the country in 2016, the death rate was 3.7 per 100 in 2017, a far cry from the 11.6 death rate the state was seeing in 2015.

Another analysis by researchers at the University of Maryland found that the highest rate of deaths in the state is caused by cancer, but that those deaths were concentrated among women.

The report found that women make up about 80 percent of the state, with only 20 percent of people who die from cancer living in the city of Seattle.

But according to a survey of the population by the Centers For Disease Control, Seattle has the highest death rate among women in the US.

Seattle had a death rate of 6.3 per 100 people, the lowest among the 50 states.

The Washington Post’s Sarah Binder contributed to this report.

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