Whmcs DNS provider hits back at Trump: It doesn’t need the GOP to fix it

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Whmics Dns provider WhmicDns is facing an onslaught of criticism over its decision to remove a GOP presidential candidate’s DNS hosting service from its marketplace.

The move was made after GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday that his company’s DNS server had been hacked and that he would use his own DNS to do so.

In a statement to The Verge, Whmicals CEO Adam Boudreau said that the DNS service was removed for the same reason the company was removed from Trump’s campaign’s hosting platform.

“In order to make a point, we deleted the WHMcs DNS hosting account.

It was not our intent to harm Mr. Trump or to promote his candidacy,” Boudreaux wrote.

“We have deleted the DNS for all WHMics customers, including all accounts that are not registered to our parent company.

We did not engage in any political activity at all and we have never had any reason to believe that we would have. “

Whmics DNS has not provided any political content to any candidate in the last few weeks.

We did not engage in any political activity at all and we have never had any reason to believe that we would have.

Whmysc DNS also has no relationship to anyone involved in the Trump campaign or to any of the Republican Presidential candidates.”

Boudreson noted that Whmosc DNS had “no connection to any campaign, political party, or group.”

“This is not the first time that WhMics has been targeted by the GOP,” Boutreaux continued.

“At this time, we are reviewing the actions taken by WHMocs.”

The company has since said that it will remove the DNS hosting platform from its website, and will refund the purchase price of the Whmids service.

Whimics DNS was also hit with a cease and desist letter from the Federal Trade Commission, which said that Whimicds DNS hosting “has been misappropriated by third parties for political purposes.”

Boutréaux has also defended the company in an interview with Politico.

“The FTC has no legal standing to sue Whmys, but we have the legal right to file a complaint,” he said.

“As a public company, Whmiccs is obligated to remove any illegal and unlawful content that it may receive from third parties.

If it chooses to remain in business, Whmcss will be reimbursed for any legal fees that it incurs.”

Whmccys hosting service is still available on Whmms site, but now only for a $1.99 annual fee.

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