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A payment gateway service provider has charged users €30 (£23) for each payment, a further €2 (£1) for every two payments they make and another €2.50 (£1.60) for the extra payments they receive.

The company that owns Whmems payment gateway services in Ireland has said it is not able to provide the fee due to the nature of the payments being processed, but the company has also been asked by the Irish Information Commissioner to provide further details.

Whmems website says it offers payment gateway payment processing services to whmercs customers, which are able to send funds to whmicers account and pay for goods and services via the Whmem platform.

Whmicers payments gateway fee: Whmics payment gateway fee.

Source: Whmicers Payment Gateway.

Whmacs is an ecommerce site that lets people shop for and buy things, but it has also offered payment gateway processing services.

Whms payment gateway is one of the services that Whmic’s payment gateway provides.

The Irish Information Commission (ICO) said on Thursday it is looking into the company’s payment gateways fees, as well as the fee charged by Whmics for each transaction.

It said it has been asking Whmcks payment gateway to provide details on the fees charged for each payments it sends to Whmic’s customers.

“It is not possible to provide you with all the details requested under the ICO rules as they relate to the payment gateway,” the ICO said in a statement.

Whmic’s paymentgate fee has not been previously disclosed, but its website says the fee is charged per payment for each customer who has registered with it.”

You can contact Whmic for further information.”

Whmic’s paymentgate fee has not been previously disclosed, but its website says the fee is charged per payment for each customer who has registered with it.

It says that if payment gateway does not provide this information within 30 days of receiving your request, you may be charged an additional fee.

It adds that this additional fee will not be refundable.

It also says that a payment gateway provider cannot provide you information about the fees you are charged if they are not compliant with the EU legislation that sets out rules on payment gatekeeping fees.

In addition, the ICO asked Whmic to provide more details about the paymentgate fees that it charges to customers who have paid via its payment gateway.

It has asked Whmicks payment gateway for further details on paymentgate and to provide a statement about how it collects and processes payments.

Whmx has not responded to an email requesting comment.

The ICO said it was looking into WhmicSeller’s payment services and has requested information from Whmic regarding the payment gates fees.

A Whmic spokesman said in an email to The Irish Time: “Whmics website does not currently provide any information on the payment fees paid by Whmica for our customers, but we are in contact with the ICO about this matter and will provide further information once we have received that.”

Whmcks Payment Gateway has also received an additional €2 fee from the ICO.

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