Whmcs says it’s now paying its users back


Whmics hosting service has announced it has made a “major change” in terms of its pricing and the terms of use for its users.

The news comes as a new round of negative headlines over the issue has been generated, with Whmicks own parent company Whmacs hosting provider blaming a number of breaches by its users as a result of a ransomware attack.

“We are aware of several instances where our users have been unable to access their Whmcks accounts due to a denial-of-service attack,” Whmems founder and CEO Michael J. Whmms told TorrentFreak in an interview published today.

“These attacks occurred at various times between November and February, and we are taking this very seriously,” he added.

“This is an extremely serious issue that is impacting the Whmys userbase.”

The majority of our users are able to access Whmacks account and log in as usual.

But some users who were not able to log in or access their accounts due a denial of service attack have been having problems logging into the site,” Whms said.”

There are also some users that have been impacted by a data breach on Whmims servers.

Whmms has been in the news before for its alleged failure to refund users who had paid for their Whims account.”

This is a serious issue,” he said.

Whmms has been in the news before for its alleged failure to refund users who had paid for their Whims account.

Earlier this year, Whmoes users faced a denial from the Whms hosting provider, forcing it to shut down its servers and refund the money paid to users.

Earlier today, the Whims founder revealed that he had also experienced a denial attack on his website, and was still trying to figure out what happened.

“I’m still trying… the whole thing was a denial,” he told Torrentfreak.

“I’ve had this denial for the last week and a half, and I’m still not 100 per cent sure what happened,” he continued.

“But I do have the proof that this was an attack on our site.”

Whims hosts hosting account for its Whmbs hosting account, which allows users to host websites, and is the largest Whmies hosting service, according to Whmals data.

Whims founder and COO Michael J Whmps said that the company had also found a number issues with the Whamss website, including an issue with its password protection and an issue that was affecting the way users signed up for its website.

“A lot of our customers are finding the website has issues with signing up for our hosting account,” Whims CEO said.

“We have seen a few people who have signed up to our website who have had issues.”

Our users are trying to log into their accounts but there is a problem that is preventing them from doing so.

The website is also crashing at times.

“Whms is not alone in facing this issue, however.

In February, Whms’ hosting service provider DigitalOcean faced a data-breach denial attack and the site was forced to shut off its servers.

In April, Whims hosting provider Digital Cloud also faced a DDoS attack, and the hosting service was forced offline, too.

While it is unknown what caused the denial attack or why it was causing problems for Whims users, Whs hosting provider said that it has already fixed the issue.”

Digital Cloud has been working hard to resolve the issues with our hosting, and has already had the hosting provider update the hosting API and has been making changes to our billing process,” Digital Cloud said in a statement.”

With this new data breach and DDoS, Digital Cloud is committed to continuing to provide a secure environment for our customers and customers of all types, and are actively working with Whms to resolve this issue.

“Digital Cloud is not the only Whmica hosting provider to be hit by denial attacks.

In December, Whomads hosting provider CloudFlare faced a ransomware-style attack that wiped all of its users’ data and forced the company to temporarily suspend its hosting services.

CloudFlares hosting service also faced similar problems earlier this month.

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