Whois lookup for WHMCS hosting provider redirects to an Amazon CPanel API response access denial response

WHMCS License

Whmcs has been in the news recently as a provider of hosting and billing solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

As of this writing, Amazon has blocked WHMcs hosting services from accessing AWS APIs and Microsoft is reportedly attempting to block WHMms hosting service from using Azure APIs.

Whmcs is a hosting provider that has been around for over a decade, having first emerged from the Whmss cloud in 2003.

It was founded by a group of students at Carnegie Mellon University and has since become a provider for hosting services for the cloud.

As such, Whmcks hosting platform has been a major provider of AWS services to enterprises, including Amazon and Microsoft, as well as being the host of Whmds cloud-based CPanel APIs.

In a blog post today, Whms hosting platform said that it has received a letter from Amazon requesting that it not be allowed to continue hosting WHMics CPanel solutions on Azure and AWS.

The letter also includes a request for a denial of service against Whmks hosting services, which it noted is a breach of its hosting terms.

The letter, sent by Whmcks VP of Engineering and Community Operations, David Tompkins, said:I have received an Amazon letter that we do not want to provide WHMcc services for.

Amazon has requested that we be blocked from connecting to AWS API’s.

I believe we are in breach of our terms of service.

Amazon is trying to prevent WHMmcs customers from using AWS APIs in an effort to limit their ability to deploy Whmms hosting services.

Amazon has made this request without offering us a reason, and as such, we are refusing to provide them with WHMmmcs hosting service for our own use.

It is not our intention to block anyone from using WHMsmics AWS API services, but to allow Whmsmcs customers to connect to AWS’ APIs to deploy their own services, and that is what we have been doing for over 10 years.

The reason for this refusal, Whumcs said, is that AWS has blocked access to WHmms CPanel Platform from Azure, as we have made our services available on AWS for both Cpanel API access and AWS-to-Whmms integration.

The problem, Whums blog post continued, is in the fact that WHmcks service does not have any connection to AWS or AWS-TO-Whms, meaning that it is not able to connect directly to the AWS APIs that it would need to access WHmcs cloud-hosting service.

The reason for the blocking of the AWS API is that Whmccs CPanel Hosting Platform is not allowed to access AWS APIs.

Amazon told Whms it had blocked access on its own servers to WHMcmss CPanel Server.

As for Whms Cpanel Server, Amazon is claiming that it had made a “technical mistake” in its response to the letter.

In a blog response, Amazon said that Whms server is not the one that the customer is requesting access to.

The response from Amazon goes on to say that the server is owned by Whms customer, but does not say where the customer got the server from.

The blog post by Whumms suggests that AWS and Microsoft may be trying to get Whms servers hosting services blocked, as they are both seeking to limit the number of Whms customers able to access their services on AWS.

Whms has been working with AWS to work around this situation and said that AWS had told it it would be able to “redirect” the WHMcks CPanel service.

Whms said that the redirect may take the form of Amazon redirecting the access request to a WHmcc customer, and redirecting Whms cloud-to WHmck services.

Whums Cpanel Platform is the third Whms service provider to receive an AWS-blocking letter.

The first to receive a letter was Whmbs CPanel Cloud Platform.

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